Bicycle Fitting Program

Let the Serotta certified bicycle fitting professionals at Latitude 45 get you ready for the upcoming season!


With our Lat 1, Lat 2, Lat 3 and Tri Fits we will properly adjust your bike to you and your needs to enhance comfort and performance!

Lat 1 Fit - $65 (Free with Road Bike Purchase)

Our Lat 1 Fit is our basic fit covering proper seat height adjustment, seat angle adjustment, alighment of knee over pedal spindle, angle of arm to torso evaluation (includes time to install a new stem if needed) and covers basic riding techniques.

Approximate Time = 30-60 minutes

Lat 2 Fit - $130

Our Lat 2 Fit covers everything in our Lat 1 Fit plus a flexibility assessment, alignment of hip/knee/ankle using a laser, shoe/foot/orthotic asssessment and proper cleat alignment.

Approximate Time = 1-1.5 hours

Lat 3 Fit - $180

Our Lat 3 Fit covers everything in our Lat 1 and 2 Fits plus body measurements, a documented rider interview and documented existing and final measurements of the bicycle.

Approximate Time = 1.5-2.5 hours

Tri Fit - $200

Our Tri Fit covers everything in our Lat 1, 2 and 3 Fits plus proper aero bar extension, aero bar width, pad width and aero bar angle.

Approximate Time = 2-3 hours

All Fits are by appointment only.

Please email to set up your appointment today!