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This series highlights some really cool locals who ride bikes and ride bikes often.

Full name: Mia Nellie Rhudy

Nickname(s): Mama

Favorite bike(s) you have ever owned: I've only owned a couple of bikes since I really got into biking. My favorite is my Liv Intrigue 3, but I started on a Salsa Timberjack, so that has a special place in my heart!

How long have you been riding bikes? I learned to ride when I was about 5, but I started "really" riding when I was 29. My husband and I decided to spend our wedding money on buying bikes--I wanted to buy something practical (like a couch) and he wanted to do something that was memorable and adventurous (like a trip) so we settled on bikes as both practical and adventurous. He was already into mountain biking and I was already into fitness and being outdoors, so it was a great decision!

What is your favorite style of riding? I like mountain biking, especially rocky technical downhill trails. We (my husband and I and our biking friends!) bike a lot in Marquette to find trails like that. I do like the Spine at the Highlands. Boyne School Forest is my favorite place to ride with my son on his MacRide seat or with people who I'm trying to introduce to mountain biking. 

What was the craziest thing you have ever done while riding a bicycle? The craziest thing I've done as an adult is riding leaf-covered trails at Wind Rock in TN (which were in a totally different league than any trail I've ridden in Michigan!)

When I was a kid, I would ride down a hill and stand up on my top tube. Looking back...I'm sure my mom didn't know I was doing that.

List the best thing(s) you have seen while riding a bicycle: Raspberries on the side of a trail! I also saw a porcupine very close, which was pretty cool.

What do you love to eat/drink after a cycling adventure? Ice cream! Preferably an Oreo Blizzard from Dairy Zone.

What is your favorite piece of cycling gear not including your bicycle? My 3 year old son has a MacRide (it fits between my seat post and handlebars, so he can see really well and we can ride together!) That's my favorite cycling gear. I also  really like my Evoc hip pack and our 1Up bike rack (it's so simple to just put our bikes on, no taking off wheels or anything).

How have you given back to your local community, either on a bike or not? My husband and I enjoy building community with those around us. We often host people in our home for dinner or all kinds of other adventures (my husband is great at organizing fun little excursions). We also host an adult Bible study and Young Life events in our home, all as ways to grow and learn together.

What does your next big dream adventure on a bicycle look like? I'm planning on exploring the Hiawatha Trails Network in Sault Ste. Marie Canada this summer! My husband is trying to convince me to go to Whistler, British Columbia, but I am not convinced!

Any parting wisdom for other aspiring cyclists? 

1) If you're interested in biking, having a good bike is worth the cost. You don't to start with full suspension or anything super fancy, but buying something quality is worth the cost.

2) Keep learning new skills. Mountain biking is not just about going fast, but there are a lot of other ways to enjoy and improve your riding too. Some of the ways I've learned new skills are through Ben Cathro's "How to Bike" series on YouTube, biking with people better than me and with biking with people slower than me. When I bike with people better than me I learn new skills just by watching them. When I bike with people slower it requires different skills than just going fast and is a great chance to hone some of the lower speed skills.

3) If you're riding with a significant other, adapt to each other's preferences. Learn new skills or try a different type of trail. Go harder--or less hard. It will be different when you're riding with other friends. Investing in learning to ride together will pay dividends in continuing to ride as life gets busier.

Riding with friends and little our little adventure buddies! I'm pictured on the far right.

Riding in TN.

Riding at Windrock, TN with my husband Scott.

An epic fall I had a couple of years ago on the Brutus to Stuts section of trail. 

You'll notice even my helmet visor is crooked from going over my handlebars. 

Waiting for the start of the Copper Harbor Enduro 2023.