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Destination Charges 

for Bicycle & Fitness Equipment Purchases are in effect

A Destination Charges Fee will be added to EACH bicycle or piece of fitness equipment (treadmills, ellipticals, fitness bikes) purchased AFTER you submit the order online or upon in-store checkout in the following pricing structure:

Kids Bikes (12"-24", not including Strider or Pre's) - $30 destination charge EACH

Adult Bikes (non E-Bikes) - $40 destination charge EACH

E-Bikes - $50 destination charge EACH

Fitness Equipment - $100 destination charge EACH

For online purchases, expect your card to be charged the Cart Total plus the applicable Destination Charge Fees.  For in-store checkout, applicable fees will be added.  This fee helps to offset the new shipping costs and professional build costs of items we sell.  Delivery Charges of fitness equipment will be an additional charge to these Destination Charges based upon distance, difficulty of delivery and weight of equipment.