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It's easy to focus on just the bike but there are many other essential pieces of equipment.
This supporting gear will help you get the most out of your cycling experience.  
Whether you need to address comfort, convenience, efficiency, or safety we have the accessories you need. 


A properly sized helmet that is designed for the type of cycling you are doing is key. Today's helmets provide exceptional comfort and ventilation. Additional technologies like MIPS are providing enhanced protection from concussions. It's never been easier to protect yourself on the bike. 


A good pair of cycling shoes provides comfort and additional efficiency. It's a great time to upgrade your old pair of shoes with stellar new materials and the inclusion of the BOA system on many shoes. If you've never tried cycling specific shoes find out what you've been missing. 

There are several common standards for cleat attachment; if you are unsure what you need we are happy to help. 


Whether you prefer clipping-in or riding flats we have you covered. We can advise you on the best system for your riding style and preferences. Even if your bike comes with flat pedals an upgrade can provide improved contact with the bike and increase your confidence and efficiency.  

We can install the pedals on your new bike (and cleats, if necessary) at no extra cost.


There's no need to be thirsty with our wide range of hydration options. Carry on your bike, or on your back with one of our osprey packs. Plastic, metal, insulated, we have many styles of bottles.  


Sometimes you need to bring a few things along, or a few things back. From simply carrying a repair kit to heading out on a tour, we have gear to help you bring whatever you want. 

Some of our favorite products are bikepacking inspired frame and feed bags. They attach to your bike in sleek ways that won't encumber your riding experience.