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Fabric USB 300 Light Silver
The Fabric USB 300 Light is a greatly versatile light that can be used in multiple situations. Equipped with both daytime and nighttime lights. There is a front white light which runs 300 lumens at highest setting, additional extra white and red lights for extended running times. There are 12 settings. The main front light on high for 2 hours, medium for 3 hours, flash and strobe can run for 6 hours. The side LEDs, white and red, last on high for 6 hours, medium for 14 hours, flash for 46 hours, and strobe for 58 hours. You change the settings with a quick twist at the base of the light. The outer casing is made of aluminum. Chargeable with micro USB, cable included. Silver in color. Details: Daytime and Nighttime running lights 300 lumen front light Additional LEDs white and red as rear lights Outer casing Aluminum Micro USB Chargeable Silver in color Adjust setting with an easy turn of the base Main front white light settings: High: 2 hours Medium: 3 hours Flash and Strobe: 6 hours White or Red Side LED Settings: High: 6 hours Medium: 14 hours Flash: 46 hours Strobe: 58 hours UPC: 038675098640 Manufacturer Part Number: FP1307U6OS
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