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Bicycle Repair

We are a full-service bike shop with mechanics who are capable of working on all makes and models of bicycles. Our head mechanics have over 50 years of combined experience in the bicycle industry. Trust us for your service needs, you won’t be disappointed. 

For service related questions please email

Appointment Based Service

At this time we are requiring appointments for most bike service. This allows us to be as efficient as possible and minimized the time your bike is at the shop. Walk-in services such as flat repairs and other minor adjustments may be possible while you wait, but please call ahead to verify. For multiple bikes, please make multiple appointments.  PLEASE DO YOUR BEST TO ARRIVE WITHIN 15 MINUTES OF YOUR SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT OR RISK CANCELLATION.  This is your time with our service writer to determine what your bike needs so that your service is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.   

E-Bikes Services:  WE DO NOT WORK ON ANY CLASS 2 OR 3 E-BIKES (e-bikes with throttles and/or a top speed greater than 20mph) AT ALL FOR ANYTHING (even flat tires or basic mechanical issues).  We service e-bikes equipped with Bosch, Yamaha or Shimano motor systems (some others on a case by case basic) and any Class 1 e-bikes that we sell.




  • Wipe down frame
  • Tighten all bearings
  • Adjust brakes front and rear (pad installation included, labor only)
  • Adjust derailleurs front and rear
  • True both wheels to brake pads on bike
  • Lube chain and cables
  • Safety torque check




  • Everything from a Basic Tune plus:
  • Clean frame, rims and spokes
  • Adjust all bearings
  • True both wheels in precision stand
  • Remove & clean cranks, chain, cassette/freewheel & derailleurs in Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner
  • Includes labor for installation of new cranks, chain, cassette/freewheel, derailleurs, and/or tires
  • New stainless steel cables and housing INCLUDED (a $20 value)(labor and parts)




  • Everything from a Complete Tune plus:
  • Bike is disassembled and cleaned
  • Headset, hubs and bottom bracket overhauled
  • Includes labor to install new cartridge bearings (parts additional)
  • Handlebars taped/grips changes (labor only)
  • Wax frame and fork

Additional Fees

  • Cleaning excessively dirty bike - $10 to $25 based on time
  • Tandem Tune-Ups - Add 50% to cost
  • Electric Motorized Bike Tune-Ups - Add $40 to cost
  • Recumbent Tune-Ups - Add $15 - $50 depending on complexity
  • Recycling of tires - $1 per tire

Other Common Services

  • Our hourly rate is $75 per hour
  • Flat tire repair or tire/tube installation: On-Bike $13, Off-Bike $11
  • Brake Adjustment - $15 to $33 depending on style
  • Hydraulic brake bleed - $40 includes fluid
  • Tubeless Tire Add Sealant per wheel - $9 labor + parts
  • Tubeless Tire Setup per wheel (Install tape, valves, and tire) - $27 labor + parts
  • Bike Recycling and Disposal - $20

Service Policies

  • Payment is due at time of pick-up.
  • Bikes left with us for more than 14 days after service is completed will be subject to a $2 per day storage fee starting on the 15th day. If you need special accommodations please notify us ahead of time.
  • Service staff reserves the right to refuse service on bicycles at their discretion.
  • Electronic repair and service on electric motorized bicycles typically requires shipping to the manufacturer.
  • We can not guarantee service on electric motorized bicycles that we do not stock.
  • Beer does not constitute a form of payment, it is merely an expression of gratitude or a bribe for preferential treatment.

Service Guarantee

If we do not exceed all expectations please let us know and we will make things right.