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We greatly appreciate your business and this is one small way to say "Thank you!"

Please remember:

1.  This discount only applies on the same day that you purchase the bicycle.

2.  This discount works for EACH bike (so if buying 2 bikes and want to achieve the discount, you would need to purchase 3-4+ items for each bike.)

3.  This discount cannot be applied to online bike purchases with accessories (we are sophisticated, but not there yet on this program), but when you come in to pickup your new bicycle that you bought on our website you can pick out the accessories and we can install them at that point.

4.  Saddle/Seat swaps - We take the brand new saddle and give you a $15 credit towards a new seat of your choosing from our stock.  NO accessories discounts can be applied to this new seat with its $15 discount, but the saddle DOES count as one of the 3-4+ accessories.

5.  All accessories must be priced at least $10 to count towards the 3-4 item thresholds; however, less than $10 items can be added once you achieve the discounts and those less than $10 items receive the discount as well (example - that $2 presta valve adaptor).