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Latitude 45 Varsity Mountain Bike Team

This is a new opportunity for high school students in Emmet and Charlevoix Counties to join a riding community specifically for teenagers.  

Team camaraderie, awesome new uniforms and shop sponsorship in the form of discounts and special rental bike programs are just a few of the reasons why you should consider trying out for this new team. 

Scroll down for more details!

Team Requirements

  • Tryouts - must complete set ride in max time or less prior to spring/fall seasons - Tanton WFR Black Loop (info below)
  • Participate in a minimum of three races
  • Participate in a minimum of 10 team rides per year (spring/fall combined) - dates tbd, but we are considering Wednesdays
  • Participate in team photoshoot (one per season)
  • Participate in at least two team trail building or maintenance events (TOMMBA, TOTMC or other) wearing Latitude 45 gear/accompanied by guardian if minor
  • Wear team kit/jersey during ride/events/photoshoots
  • Must have valid email and be actively using it 
  • Open to riders from Emmet & Charlevoix Counties

Team Perks

  • Latitude 45 Varsity team kits at cost
  • Final jersey design coming soon!
  • 15% off all bikes
  • 15% off parts and accessories
  • Special Rental Program (see application for details)
  • Interested?  Apply below

Signing up and tryouts

  • First APPLY HERE to make us aware that you will be doing your time trial tryout ride for Spring 2022
  • Designated time trial tryout trail to follow on this page (It's time to ride!  See below)
  • Once the designated trail is rideable (late April/early May) start training and working to hit the tryout requirements (tbd).  We recommend using Strava to time your ride and submitting when complete (details to follow)
  • This team is open to female and male high school students including rising Freshmen 2022.

Spring 2022 Time Trial Details

  • Trail:  Black Loop at Tanton WFR
  • Max Time:  38 minutes starting at parking lot
  • Route description:  We recommend going left (clockwise) which can be done Saturday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Going right is harder.  Start going left and always go left, from Green to Blue to Black to Blue to Green and to the parking lot.
  • How to submit:  Open a free Strava account and time your rides.  Send a screenshot of your ride to Coach Christian's email.
  • When?  ASAP!  The faster you qualify, the faster you can start riding with the team.