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This series highlights some really cool locals who ride bikes and ride bikes often.

Full name: Steve Schultz

Nickname(s): Secret Steve

Favorite bike(s) you have ever owned: Santa Cruz Hightower

How long have you been riding bikes? 40 years

What is your favorite style of riding? Mountain biking of any kind.

What was the craziest thing you have ever done while riding a bicycle? I did a 7 day stage race in British Colombia.

List the best thing(s) you have seen while riding a bicycle: I have got to see some really cool sunrises and sunsets in some really amazing places.   I have also got to see some wildlife that you wouldn't normally see (owls, foxes, bears, coyotes, etc).

What do you love to eat/drink after a cycling adventure? Cheeseburger, ice cream, and a beer

What is your favorite piece of cycling gear not including your bicycle? Helmet (gotta keep that dome protected)

How have you given back to your local community, either on a bike or not? I have helped build trails.  I ran a youth cycling program for a few years.  I helped run the world-famous Highlander Mountain Bike Race.

What does your next big dream adventure on a bicycle look like? I would like to do a multi-day enduro stage race.

Any parting wisdom for other aspiring cyclists? Go ride your bike with your friends and don't take it too seriously.