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This year, 2021, we will be having a slightly restricted Zoo-De-Mack offering for the rental of hybrid, road, or gravel bikes. This will include delivery of the bikes to Boyne Highlands the morning of the ride, and pick-up in Mackinaw City at the end.

Start by selecting 5/22/2021 for your rental date.  Then choose "9:30am" as your Pickup Time and "1d" for Duration.  From there select your bike(s). We are only allowing the rental of the following types of bikes for the event: Comfort Hybrids, Fitness Hybrids, Road Bikes, and Gravel Road Bikes. Be aware, if you select something other than the styles listed, we may have to cancel your rental if there aren’t any of the appropriate alternatives available. There is also an additional $50 charge that you MUST select in the “Extras” column when booking your reservation. It will be listed as “Zoo-De-Mack Delivery”. This charge applies to EACH BIKE. If you make a reservation for Zoo-De-Mack and don’t select the delivery option, we will call you to verify you’re participating in the event and add it to your rental. Due to certain circumstances, such as being closed on Sundays this season, this will be the ONLY option for 2021 Zoo-De-Mack.

Bikes will be dropped off at Boyne Highlands between 8am and 9am. Pickup will be at the Star Line ferry dock in Mackinaw City between 3pm and 5pm (click here for location). Riders are encouraged to start their ride by 9am to help ensure they make it to Mackinaw City by 5pm for pickup. Riders that fail to make the 5pm deadline may incur additional costs or be required to return their bike(s) to Latitude 45 on their own. Keeping in mind we are closed on Sundays and Mondays this year, that would mean you would not be able to return your bike(s) until Tuesday.

- The friendly Latitude 45 Rental Crew